Friday, June 3, 2011

We're being raped. North Carolina Safe Driver Tax!

Support SB477 and HB834 to reverse this Safe driver punishment Tax
Did you know that over the past ten years that North Carolina Safe drivers have paid out one billion dollars to bail out unsafe drivers auto rates. That's punishing you, the safe driver, for the unsafe actions of others. Angry yet?

Here is a real pisser for you if you live in North Carolina, North Carolina has a "Safe Driver Tax." Yep, you read that right, a safe driver tax. I guess it's better to have a few violations on your driving record so you can have lower insurance rates.
This is an older article and after all this time news of this "Tax" is just now coming to the forefront again. Kind of like our large gas tax which is the highest on the east coast, however only a few stations even have the braveness to post it on their pumps, so it's a hidden tax. The safe driver tax is also a "Hidden" tax and is smoothed over by calling it a "Clean risk Surcharge." If a tax is hidden like this, is it not an Illegal and unfair taxation in operation? They say it is to make up a short fall as higher risk drivers pay an astounding lower market rate for their insurance. How can this be?
   It's Taxes like these that make new industries not want to open shop in North Carolina and established ones moving out of the State. The people in charge of our state, they are to stupid and blind to figure all this out.
Heres where to go to fight this Safe Driver Tax and put the burden where it belongs, on the UNSAFE drivers.

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