Friday, October 29, 2010

Then Came Bronson

Okay, so if any of you out there are less than spring chicken age you might remember this show. "Then Came Bronson" was about a man named Jim who road around the country on a 1969 Sportster - which was the fastest production bike in the world - after quitting his job as a journalist. The show was based on a real person named Birney Jarvis, and he was a techinical advisor for the show.  A fantastic site with all sorts of information to keep you busy a long time is here with a really cool information page from Birney himself. You'll learn that Birney's real life travels were on a 1941 Harley 61 inch stroked out to 80 cubic inches. Not only that but he was a founding member of the San Francisco Hell's Angels.
I remember being glued to the TV back then as were my older brothers to the Bronson series who's charactor was a much milder person then what was going on in the real world those days. These shows prompted me to attach, with clothes pins,  playing cards to my bicycle frame to hit the spokes with and pretend I was Jim on a journey. Ahhh, the imagination of youth before the electronic age of video games sucked the imagination away from todays kids.
Check out the site for all things Bronson and learn about the worlds first super bike...the Harley Davidson Sportster.

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  1. My father watched it when I was a kid. I loved it. Have every episode on DVD!